André Besen / Diretor de Fotografia / Direção de Fotografia / Cinematographer / Cinematography

Graduated in cinema at FAAP - SP, with a Master's Degree in Cinematography and Art History at ECA-USP, André Fonseca Besen has been Director of Photography since 2005.

As Director of Photography, he has shot several full-length films and long documentary films, among then the feature film "It's Darker Before Dawn", selected in the 42 Edition of the Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo and the documentary "Ayahuasca, a expansão da consciência", nominee in the category Best Cinematography for Documentary at Brasilian Association of Cinematography Awards 2019 and selected for the cinema festival Agenda Brasil in Milan.  


He has also done several short films, videoclips, advertising, tv, new audiovisual technology projects as holograms and other audiovisual projects.

Since 2011, André Besen has been the Professor of Direction of Photography at AIC (International Film Academy). He has developed an online course on Direction of Photography in order to teach future cinematographers all over Brazil.